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Richard Lee Carson

Born and raised in New York,

Residing in Northern California.

I have always been a person who makes, creates objects or visual pleasures as I call them. What's the idea behind it - reduce it to its simplest form - deconstruct and then reconstruct. Whether I am cutting onions, carrots and celery into small pieces to construct a meal, cutting barn wood into pieces for an artwork or dissecting sheet music, I am deconstructing only to reconstruct. I believe it is part of the human evolutionary process to deconstruct ourselves then reconstruct ourselves, perhaps in a better more evolved way. I believe we all have different ways of expressing that process.

During my lifetime as an artist, I have owned a glass blowing studio; designed and built barn wood furniture, feature walls, doors and wall art; T.V. commercial sets; built numerous homes and have worked with interior designers, ad agencies, architects, builders and home owners to create the vision at hand. I am always maintaining an open experimental artistic core while trying to put positivity into the world through my creative work.


Home, nature, love and positivity in the world is the essence of my art.

It’s that incredible beauty of design in nature which inspires me as an artist. I am particularly fascinated by the possibilities of complexity and fluidity in wood as well as the infinite combinations in geometric patterns and vivid contrasts afforded. I would love to create and/or collaborate on custom pieces in any medium. I also have an extensive collection of available works for viewing.

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